More than a good beverage-machine!


High grade anodized aluminum surfaces ensure a constant and durable attractive appearance without staining and fingerprints.
The whole operating interface area is made of coated safety glass, without buttons or other inconvenient control elements.
All four sides show the same optical perfection. No matter how you look at your BEVANDOR, he always will show you his best side.
AND not only is he great to look at, but you also can count on excellent inner values!
One of the outstanding properties of LARA BEVANDOR is the simplicity of keeping it clean and sanitary. The entire juice bearing area, from the BagInBox packaging into the glass, doesn’t use a single millimeter of tubing or pipes. There are neither valves nor pumps used during this procedure.
The only item you need to clean under running water or in the dishwasher is the BEVANDOR-GREEN-MERGING-UNIT (Beverage-Mixing-Unit). This saves time and reduces technical downtime nearly to zero and thus guarantees trust in best taste for every single glass of LARA PUREST BEVERAGE.


because perfection need not imply great efforts

Every guest has a very individual and unique taste.
Make your guests feel like kings and queens. Easily and comfortably they mix, on demand, their very own personal experience of indulgence. Different juices can be combined with one another or just varied in the intensity of their taste.
LARA BEVANDOR facilitates this by a tap of your finger.
And comfort, for you as a host, means: maintenance and cleaning need practically no efforts anymore.
You won?t find anything faster and easier.


because our environment will thank us

LARA BEVANDOR?s technology actively helps to avoid up to 80% packaging waste. It also reduces weight and volume during transport and storage by at least 80%.*
The BEVANDOR-GREEN-MERGING-UNIT makes it possible: Environmentally damaging cleaning agents can largely be omitted. The electronic Energy-Management-System saves up to 50% energy compared to other beverage systems. LARA Beverage Bags can be stored at ambient temperatures, without any loss of quality. This saves additional energy during transport and storage.

* Comparing LARA BEVERAGES in 5-Liter BagInBox packaging to ready to drink beverage in 1-Liter bottle or carton box


because reliability is just as important as delight

From choice of materials to continually monitored production, highest standards are applied to the whole production process for LARA BEVANDOR machines.
The whole technical concept follows the aim:

?Reduced to the Optimum?.

Using innovative solutions, even complicated processes are executed through intelligent simplifications.
The reduction of complexity means more stable and durable devices for our clients.
Moreover, the fully electronic control provides constant top quality for each drink.
Your guests will thank you with a satisfied smile ? glass by glass.


because taste is something very personal

Only the LARA BEVANDOR provides the possibility to prepare beverages individually and according to personal taste.
Each of the three beverages contained in the device can be mixed variably and freely with water by the integrated BEVANDOR-BEV-App.
So sweetness and intensity can be adjusted to preference.
Additionally, various juices can be mixed with one another steplessly, in any manner.
This offers an infinite number of flavor variations and possibilities.

The LARA BEVANDOR can be set to one of three operating modes by a finger tap:

  1. Mix Juice-Mode: limitless freedom ? each beverage can be mixed together with more water or other beverages, individually.
  2. Light/Extra-Light-Mode: every drink can be chosen to be ?pure?, ?light? or ?extra light?. The BEVANDOR automatically prepares the drink with more or less water and accordingly more or less intensity
  3. Single Juice-Mode: every beverage can be selected in its pure form

And: the operation of your LARA BEVANDOR is simply intuitive and as easy as pie.


because a one-time investment offers multiple uses

LARA BEVANDOR is the most flexible and efficient beverage system in the world.

Besides the preparation of a sheer unlimited number of various fruit juices (from 100% Organic Juices to Light- and Eco-Fruit-Drinks) the BEVANDOR also enables the automatic preparation of a whole range of additional beverages.
LARA PUREST BEVERAGES offers Detox & Wellness-Drinks, Smoothies, Fitness-Drinks, Iced Teas, Iced-Coffees & -Chocolates as well as alcoholic Long Drinks & Cocktails.
This easily and conveniently makes the BEVANDOR suitable for many applications:

In hotels from breakfast-buffet and seminar catering to the wellness area.
In restaurants and bars, catering for festival- and party-services as well as catering for kindergartens, old people?s homes or hospitals.
It can also be used in fitness centers, lounges, offices, schools or other public facilities.
Even cruising lines, airports, train stations, petrol stations or sports arenas appreciate LARA BEVANDOR?s variable and multiple ways of use.
One device, one investment, countless possibilities to use ? this guarantees economic efficiency and a perfect cost-benefit calculation.


because in the end, cost matters

Besides acquisition costs, ongoing operation and maintenance costs naturally play a significant role in the profitability calculation of an investment.
This is precisely where the LARA BEVANDOR shows one of its significant strengths.
LARA provides for its central mixing device, the LARA-GREEN-MERGING-UNIT,

a five years or 500.000 drinks free replacement guarantee.

All settings or system changes need no technician. They can be modified by yourself or with the assistance of the LARA-Online-Helpline.
This reduces running expenses and downtime to a minimum. And with its nearly unlimited flexibility and variable possibilities of use, the LARA BEVANDOR also increases your continuous sales earnings.


because the future belongs to the networked

To be capable of exchanging data as e.g., log-files or system-updates, the LARA BEVANDOR is equipped with a Wi-Fi and USB-Interface.

But with LARA BEVERAGEMENT LARA furthermore offers a complete Online-Beverage-Management-System.



  • Statistics
  • Status-Information
  • Screen-Marketing
  • Priority Alerts

PAY Management

  • Cashless-Payment
  • Bonus Spending
  • Loyalty Functions
  • Happy Hour Function

HYGIENE Management

  • HACCP / ISO 22000 Doc-Features
  • Hygiene Control Function

CONTENT Management

  • Screen Guest Information
  • Internal Advertising
  • Sales Support


  • Service Information
  • Filter-Management
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Auto-Update Funktion

MOBILE Management

  • Push Alerts
  • Online Status Control