PURest, that means CONCENTRATED

Only because we have been, first of all, concentrating on the essentials, we finally could extract the variety.

And since we have kept constantly the pace to our motto ‘Reduced to the Optimum’, we succeeded in filling the best possible extracts into our packagings.

So we can concentrate flavor in highest quality and reduce volume to a minimum.



Pure Nature, because you can taste the trust in the purity of every fruit

For connoisseurs who, beyond the special taste, also want to have the certainty that their fruit juices comply with the strictest and highest demands in biological purity. LARA ORGANIC JUICES are subject to rigorous controls from growing to the prepared fruit juice. This guarantees the best certified ?Organic quality.


Pure fruit, because it is an experience of pleasure, like freshly-squeezed

Only if our clients feel like they are drinking freshly-squeezed juices, we, at LARA, are satisfied.

To achieve this, many efforts are required. Starting with the selection of best, ripe fruits, through responsible processing with gentle treatment during the extraction of water, to careful pouring into LARA BagInBoxes.

Each step is carefully monitored and checked. Only this will ensure the perfect Premium-Delight for LARA Juices? freshly-squeezed!


Pure joy, because low budget can taste wonderful

Just where economic reasons force you to serve beverages for a reasonable price to your guests, LARA with the ECO-line, offers a possibility nevertheless to provide an appealing experience of delight.

With a minimum 50% fruit-content and reliably good LARA-quality you serve fruity delight with an excellent value for money.


Good conscience pure, because delight is possible with fewer calories

Calorie reduced, but with full taste, LARA offers a fruity delight for the body-conscious and those guests who simply want to avoid to much sugar.

With a minimum of 50% fruit content, LARA Light-Nectars, regardless ensure a healthy portion of fruit with every glass.


Pure power, because sometimes you’d like a smoothie but don?t want to have the full amount of calories

If you would like to serve your guests a portion of healthiness and well-being, but the effort would be too high. Then LARA Wellness & Detox-Drinks are perfect!

At the push of a button, in a matter of seconds and most comfortably prepared, you deliver an experience of Wellness into the glass. Whether exquisite fruit, selected vegetables or aromatic spices ? they are always exactly the right blend of delicious and healthy.


Pure refreshment, because the blend of tea and fruit simply makes for an invigorating experience

Freshly brewed tea, refined with fruity extracts from Lemon, Peach or Cherry, served in a glass with ice cubes.

That?s the way you refresh your guests in seconds, even in tropical heat.


Scientifically proven: Stimulate the metabolism and help to lose wight!

A study published in „Metabolism Journal“, shows that daily consumption of Grapefruits promotes the reduction of weight.

Scientists of the University of Texas discovered: The aminoacid Arginin increases the fat burning process and builds up muscles.

Apple vinegar and lemon have an alkaline effect in the body, lower the pH, and support the digesting metabolism.


If a portion of vitamins and electrolytes added to pure nature make the drinking pleasure into a vital turbo

100% fruit juices are added with vitamins, proteins and electrolytes selected according to strict nutritional science standards.

So with every glass of juice you enjoy an additional portion of detox, vitality or support for your immune system.


Pure good mood and party, because its so easy to serve excellent drinks with the tap of a finger

Caipirinha, Mojito, Cosmopolitan and many more?

In a matter of seconds?

Without tiresome preparation and mixing?

Alcohol already included?

Simply ice into the glass and at the push of a button?

Yes, that?s exactly how it works ? no more and no less!