LARA approved in practice

It does not depend on if at a hotel, cruising-ship, Airport, canteen, sports-club, kindergarten, and countless other areas where beverages have to be dispensed and served with least effort, easiest cleaning, and particularly user-friendly. The LARA PUREST Beverage-System shows its excellence in practical operation.

LARA BEVERAGES and partner MyBev Ireland present a world premiere

At University Hospital Limerick, patients and medical staff are looking forward to a completely new and innovative beverage experience.

Unique worldwide: “Functional drinks” at the push of a button – so individually mixed and coordinated boosters for personal well-being are possible.

The choices are:

Immunity Boost
Bio Orange – Vitamin B6 – Vita-Algae, a vegan vitamin D3

Detox me
Green apple – green tea – vitamin B2

Active Today
Black currant – electrolytes – vegan vitamin A

With these functional vitamin drinks, LARA is expanding its successful Wellness & Detox product line. Natural fruit juices and scientifically coordinated additions of vitamins and electrolytes support the immune system, help with detoxification or increase personal performance. With the LARA BEVANDOR beverage systems, these beverages can also be individually mixed by the glass and thus perfectly adapted to the very personal needs of each customer.

A touch of luxury with LARA PUREST Beverages at the Tauern Spa Resort Kaprun

In front of the breathtaking scenery of Kitzsteinhorn‘s majestic eternal ice, LARA PUREST Beverages showed off in its most thrilling appearance, pampering the numerous guests of the Tauern Spa Resort Kaprun, welcoming them with a fine selection of exquisite, delicious cocktails.

A clear highlight of every stay at the Tauern Spa Resort Kaprun, whether you‘ re a skier or a wellness enthusiast, looking for relaxation, certainly is watching the sun go down, relaxing in the heated outdoor seawater-pool, while letting your senses come to a rest, forgetting your daily routine for a moment, and enjoy the stunning view of the Kitzsteinhorn.

Setting yet another highlight, LARA PUREST Beverages is proud to have even brightened up this magical moment for the guests of the Tauern Spa Resort, serving a touch of luxury with LARA PUREST Beverages cocktails directly to the pool.

As the world‘ s only producer of alcoholic Postmix-Cocktails, LARA PUREST Beverages stands for superior quality and finest flavors, offering customers an exquisite selection of international cocktails, easily to be prepared, in the fastest, most hygienic and most comfortable way- whenever and wherever your guests desire.

LARA PUREST wishes AHOY! and All the Best for many wonderful Cruises at AIDAmira!

The more sun and fresh sea air, the greater the thirst of all the crusaders.
We are particularly pleased that from now on, we can spoil all guests at AIDAmira with the best fruit juices from LARA PUREST Beverages.
And guests will not only find the usual refreshment but can also mix their individual juice combinations on the user-friendly BEVANDOR displays.
From fully fruity to reduced in calories. In this way, taste and figure-conscious enjoyment come into play equally.

LARA PUREST Beverages is pleased to congratulate Lufthansa Delights to Go on winning the German Design Award

Amongst others, the jury decision stated:

The idea of ​​a refreshment zone with snacks and drinks for LH status customers was implemented in a modern, high quality, and technically up-to-date way. The user interface on large-format displays is intuitively understandable and accessible. An attractive offer that closes a service gap.

One of the outstanding goals of LARA PUREST Beverages is

‘…to serve our clients and their guests the best beverages in the world –
at the most convenient, the most flexible
and the simplest way one can find.
And we want to reach the reduction of packaging, transport, and volume of storage space with innovative and unique technology, to make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection.’

As part of the gold-awarded concept, LARA PUREST’s beverage system can ensure the well-being of passengers in Lufthansa’s Delights to Go launches and thus contribute daily to the enjoyable stay of Lufthansa guests. As part of the gold-awarded concept, LARA PUREST’s beverage system can ensure the well-being of passengers in Lufthansa’s Delights to Go launches and thus contribute daily to the enjoyable stay of Lufthansa guests.


LARA Cocktails & Longdrinks grooven am ELF

Mehr als 180.000 junge Menschen pilgerten dieser Tage an den Salzburgring, um sich dem elektronischen Sound der Superlative hinzugeben. Natürlich durfte dabei Speis und Trank nicht zu kurz kommen. Und genau dabei durfte dieses Mal auch das junge innovative Team von LARA PUREST BEVERAGES mit seinen genussvollen Cocktails und Longdrinks mitwirken.


In diesen Tagen sticht die Columbus, das neueste Flaggschiff der britischen Kreuzfahrtlinie Cruise & Maritime Voyages, in See. Mit an Board das Innovativste und Neueste, was derzeit am Postmix-Markt verfügbar ist: Fruchtsäfte von LARA PUREST BEVERAGES und die perfekt abgestimmte Juice-Maschine LARA BEVANDOR 2 sorgen für den täglichen Trinkgenuss der anspruchsvollen Kreuzfahrt-Gäste.

Rund um die Uhr werden beste Fruchtsäfte angeboten. Dabei ist der Anspruch nicht geringer als “wie frisch gepresst” in Geschmack und Frische.
Deshalb hat sich das Cruise-Management auch für das hochwertigste Juice-System am Markt entschieden. LARA BEVANDOR 2 ist ein Postmix-Gerät, das nicht nur den Gästen ein Höchstmaß an intuitiv zu bedienender Individualität bietet, sondern auch die Crew unterstützt, indem es den Reinigungs- und Hygieneaufwand auf ein bisher unerreichtes Maß reduziert.

Weltpremiere: Longdrinks und Cocktails aus Post-Mix-Maschine

Mitten in einem der schönsten Schigebiete Österreichs und mehr als 2.000 Fans des Austro-Pop Stars DJ Ötzi gab LARA PUREST BEVERAGES mit ihren Cocktails und Longdrinks eine Österreich Premiere unter freiem Himmel.

Die Lisa Alm ist sicher ein perfekter Rahmen für etwas ganz Besonderes. Die weit über die Grenzen hinaus bekannte edle Ski- und Apres-Ski Lounge in Flachau war diesmal Schauplatz eines Gute-Laune Open-Air-Konzerts des per Helikopter eingeflogenen DJ Ötzi. Der Wettergott meinte es besonders gut mit den bestens gelaunten Ski- und Musik-Fans. Unter strahlend blauem Himmel gab es aber auch einen ganz besonderen Genuss: Pina Colada, Caipirinha, Tequila Sunrise und mehr in perfekter Bar-Qualität. Und das trotz großer Besucheranzahl praktisch ohne Wartezeiten.