The team of LARA has many years of experience in the field of development of hot- and cold beverage systems. Already in 2015, we invented the possibility to mix juices without using pipes or tubes. This invention was implemented in a Postmix-Device, the BEVANDOR 1 and first deployed at Beta-Testing clients. The practical experiences out of this led to the BEVANDOR 2. All components of the LARA-BEVERAGE-Technology were integrated into a design-housing of an industrial partner, and the BEVANDOR 2 could prove internationally at its practical use.

2018 we from LARA decided to hold the complete production at our premises. From design to the serial output we now can concentrate all competencies in our company. The BEVANDOR 3 is now the first of our devices, which is designed, engineered, and produced by ourselves. Together with our product development and production of LARA BEVERAGES, our clients now can trust in a perfectly tuned and unique beverage system.