Liquids without tube or pipe?

As the only beverage-machine worldwide the LARA BEVANDOR doesn’t use tubes or pipes in the entire beverage bearing area, from the BagInBox-packaging until its way into the glass.

What seems to be impossible by the law of physics, the LARA team could achieve with the patented LARA GREEN MERGING UNIT (mixing unit).

As the LARA GREEN MERGING UNIT is severable when dismounted, it is cleaned within seconds under running water or simply at the dishwasher’s short program.

Even the BagInBox-packaging is connected directly with the LARA GREEN MERGING UNIT. The LARA GREEN ROV can open and close the LARA BIBs with precise timing by electromagnetic control. So also in this area, tubes and pipes could be waived.

Hygiene gets so to mere child’s play, and cleaning efforts are reduced to a minimum.