Immediately after harvest, sun-ripened fruits are pressed in the LARA-factory. After that, a special vacuum process, at a temperature of 40°-50°C, reduces the contained water by about 80%.

Then the so extracted LARA-juice is pasteurized a few seconds and at low temperature of about 80-90°C.

Thereby natural aromas and vitamins remain largely intact in the juice. At the same time, the fermentation process is stopped. This allows considerably longer storage life. At LARA the pure juice-extract is poured aseptically into so-called BagInBox-packages and delivered directly to the clients.

When prepared with the LARA BEVANDOR the LARA juice extracts are remixed (digitally controlled) in precisely the right ratio with fresh chilled water glass by glass, and the result is a delightful juice just like freshly squeezed.

But the low transport- and storage volume is kept all the way to the customer and so 80% of packaging material, energy and CO2 is saved.

Advantages: Aromas as well as vitamins remain almost entirely intact and “LARA PUREST Juice-Extract” is, in this respect, absolutely comparable with “not-from-concentrate-juice”. Each glass is prepared freshly and chilled. LARA offers a broad range of beverages at low efforts for logistics and storage.

Look out for the LFS-label (like freshly squeezed) on many LARA-Juices.

Disadvantages:  All advantages described here together are available only at LARA.