Everywhere one wants to dispense and serve refreshing beverages in an easy, convenient, and individual way, is the perfect point of using the beverages system from LARA.

Irrespective whether you want to offer your guests drinks in To-Go-cups, glasses or out of elegant carafes, with the LARA BEVANDOR this is possible anytime and flexible.

Obviously, the LARA BEVANDOR can work as a self-service station as well as a dispensing device for the bar-, buffet-, or kitchen area.

A brad variety of beverages from Bio/Organic fruit juices over Wellness & Detox drinks to Iced Coffees or long drinks & cocktails, make the LARA BEVANDOR to an allrounder for multiple occasions.

Whether breakfast buffet, conference room or airport lounge, whether sports stadium, cruising ship or dining car or company cantina, kinder garden, beach bar or fitness club.

The list of possibilities and opportunities to use the LARA BEVANDOR has no end and is only limited by the necessity of having an electrical supply.

Because the needed drink water he can procure flexibly whether directly from the tap or also from an external tank or a water gallon.

And if necessary, he prepares in the morning excellent fruit juices, at lunch-time Wellness-Drinks, in the afternoon maybe Iced Coffees or Chocolates and at evening he serves exiting Mojitos, Caipirinhas or Pina Coladas.