Freshly harvested fruits are squeezed in the factory. After that, a special vacuum process reduces the contained water by about 80%. Then the concentrated juice is pasteurized a short time and at low temperature of about 80-90°C and poured into suitable transport containers like barrels or big-bags. Thereby natural aromas and vitamins remain largely intact in the juice. At the same time, the fermentation process is stopped. This allows considerably longer storage life. At the bottler (mostly a beverage producer in the target-country) the reduced water is added again, and the „juice-from-concentrate“ is poured into suitable packaging like bottles or carton-boxes. After opening, however, the juice should be kept in the refrigerator and be consumed within a few days.

Advantages: The gentle pasteurization keeps aromas and vitamins almost entirely intact and “juice-from-concentrate” is in this respect absolutely comparable with “not-from-concentrate-juice”.

From the country of origin to the bottler, the transport volume is reduced by 80%.

Disadvantages: The optimal quality is kept after opening only a short period. Open packages have to be stored chilled. For the bottled packaging again high transport- and storage volume is needed.